Long-Form Consumer Rental-Purchase Agreements


This is a long-form consumer rental-purchase agreement designed to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Consumer Rental-Purchase Agreement Act.

This form is, therefore, appropriate whenever an individual consumer leases any type of personal property for personal, family, or household purposes from a merchant for an initial term of four months or less, but with automatic renewability and an option to purchase.

Sample Long-Form Templates:




Estate Plan Review Questionnaire PDF, DOCs



Estate plan review questionnaire
Document Need For :

This form is a questionnaire to be sent to a client when recommending that his or her estate plan be reviewed and modified, if necessary.

The questionnaire is designed to obtain information that would indicate that a change in circumstances has occurred that may require a more detailed review of the estate plan.








Affidavit Of Heirship

Agreement For Joint Tenancy With Right Of Survivorship

Client Letter For Review Of Estate Plan

Estate Plan Review Questionnaire Estate Planning Work Sheet

Federal Estate Tax Return

Financial Information Questionnaire- Short Form

Financial Information Questionnaire-Long Form

Personal Information Questionnaire

Texas Inheritance Tax Return

Trust Work Sheet



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