20 printable -Prenuptial Agreement Templates

October 2, 2017


20 printable  Prenuptial Agreement Templates


Q. Shouldn’t I see an attorney to create my prenuptial agreement?

A. Not unless you have unusual circumstances. In most cases, the attorney preparing a prenuptial agreement simply takes all the relevant names and puts them in the right place in the document, then makes sure that you sign the prenuptial agreement. These simple functions do not require the personal assistance of a professional at $200 or more per hour.

On our web site, we take the names and information you provide us in our easy online form and then insert it into the proper places in the prenuptial agreement document. In short, you can easily do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars. To be sure, there are some cases where it is vital that you see an attorney. For example, if you want to add conditional provisions or if you have assets in excess of one million dollars, you should consult with an attorney.

Q. Will the prenuptial agreement I obtain from this web site be legal in my state?

A. Yes. Our prenuptial agreements are valid in all 50 states. If for any reason you are not satisified with the prenuptial agreement you obtain from this web site, simply contact us and we will gladly refund the full purchase price of your agreement.

Q. How do I get my prenuptial agreement from this web site?

A. It’s simple: click the “Create Your Prenuptial Agreement” button on the left to get started. Then, complete the simple, on-line interview process. It takes about ten minutes. We’ll ask you for your name and the name of your potential spouse and which provisions you would like to include in your agreement. We’ll ask you for your annual income and some additional information. Finally, we’ll ask you about your current property. It is extremely important that you give us a full accounting of your property, otherwise it could be of issue if the prenuptial agreement ever comes under scrutiny. You’ll then get a chance to reveiw the information we’ve collected to insure that we have it correct. Once everything looks good to you, you proceed to pay $21.95 for your prenuptial agreement using your credit card. We will automatically e-mail your prenuptial agreement to you in Microsoft Word format, or you can simply print it out right from our web site!

Q. How long will it take to complete the interview process?

A. The time it takes to complete the interview process varies from person to person depending on their individual circumstances. For most people, the interview process takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

Q. How do I print my prenuptial agreement after I have purchased it?

A. If you enter your e-mail address on the credit card information page, we will immediately e-mail you your document in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily print your prenuptial agreement from your word processor.

Q. What if I don’t have Microsoft Word?

A. We provide the option of printing your prenuptial agreement from HTML format right from our web site.

Q. Do I really need a prenuptial agreement?

A. It depends. If you do not have a prenuptial agreement, your property does not remain your sole property when you are married. Your property is considered to be divided equally between you and your spouse. If you feel that this would be unfair, take care of these problems right here.

Q. What is an antenuptial agreement? Why does my document say Antenuptial Agreement rather than prenuptial agreement?

Antenuptial agreement is simply another way to say prenuptial agreement. It is the legal term for the prenuptial agreement document.

Q. What if I have question before or after I obtain my prenuptial agreement?

Contact us! We are happy to answer questions and you will be amazed at how quickly we respond to inquiries.

20 printable Prenuptial Agreement Templates ( 29 Printable )



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