Aspects of an Employee Evaluation

December 14, 2016


Aspects of an Employee Evaluation


Employee evaluations differ among employers because of the different requirements of each business and particular employer. There are some basic components of general employee evaluations, though, that can be expected in any evaluation. By preparing for these areas of discussion you can feel confident when walking into your evaluation and be assured that the meeting will be both comfortable and productive.

Consider your performance since being hired, or since your last evaluation. How have you improved? Are there any ways that your performance has suffered? Can you explain this effectively?

Evaluate the goals you made at your last evaluation or at hiring. Have you accomplished them? How far do you have before accomplishing them? Were they realistic?

Create any goals you have for yourself for the period between this evaluation and the next. Why are these your goals? What will you do to accomplish them? What benefit will working toward these goals have for your employer? What benefit will they have for your fellow employees?
What have you done especially well in your employment? Have you always beaten deadlines? Consistently gone above and beyond expectations?

What have been your downfalls?

Have you used several sick days or asked for long periods of time off? Have you had to redo work or had work reassigned to other employees?
Are there any promotions or incentives that you are hoping to receive after this evaluation? What have you done to earn this recognition? If you do not earn it this time, how will you go about ensuring you earn it next time?

Evaluate whether you really understand the requirements and expectations of your position. If you are unclear about anything make sure that you can explain what it is that you are concerned about, what you thought your position entailed, and a plan of action to fully encompass all of the guidelines of the position in the future.

An employee evaluation is not a punishment or something to be worried about constantly. An evaluation is an opportunity for improvement both for you and for your employer. By filling out an employee evaluation form your employer is able to put into words their opinion of your worth as an employee. Not only is this an opportunity for acknowledgement but it forces an employer to express in clear terms why you may not be gaining such acknowledgment.

These evaluations keep both parties accountable and improve interaction, cooperation and overall functionality of the business as a whole. By preparing for an evaluation, and knowing what will go on that employee evaluation form, you will be able to glean the most benefit and be assured that you will get through it easily and successfully.









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