Business Questions You Must Answer

July 2, 2017


The Most Important Business Question You Must Answer


Are you passionate about the product or service you plan to sell?

I’ve tried a number of businesses knowing beforehand that I had no passion for them. Big mistake. For instance, I twice tried my hand at network marketing even though I had no passion for it or the products I sold. In fact, as I built my network marketing business, I used to think about the many things I would’ve rather been doing.

So why didn’t I do those other things? Because they didn’t hold the promise of wealth.

I had been programmed with an age-old mantra common to businesses that worship wealth, which essentially says that how I feel doesn’t really matter. The logic goes a little bit like this (modeled after the voice of a MLM “guru”):

“You shouldn’t do what you want to do because that won’t free you from your job. Rather you should do whatever it takes to get free from your job, whether you like what you do to achieve that goal or not.

“Job stands for ‘just over broke.’ Do you want to stay ‘just over broke?’

“Most people don’t like their jobs, but they still go to work at the same time every morning. Here you have this incredible opportunity to earn wealth beyond your wildest imagination, and you’re going to let your feelings prevent you from achieving this wealth? Give me a break!

“Nowhere in the world can you find a business opportunity that can even come close to this one. You would have to be a fool not to start this business.

“Listen. First you need to do whatever it takes to get your freedom; then you’ll have the time and the money to do what you want later.”

Because of the teaching I had received I came to believe that I needed to become wealthy before I could ever pursue those things I was passionate about. It took me three years to discover that I (and all of my teachers) was wrong.

You’ll never have the endurance or tenacity necessary to succeed in business unless you love what you do.

If you love what you do, your passion will compensate for most, if not all, your shortcomings. But if you dislike what you do, or you just don’t care, nothing will compensate for even a single shortcoming.

So what is passion, particularly as it relates to business?

Passion is compelling emotion. Or, in other words, passion is an emotion so strong that it creates in you a desire to act upon it.

Here are two questions that will help you determine whether you’re passionate about something or not.

Ask yourself: What do I love to do?

You will always do what you love to do without anyone telling you to do it. In fact, you’ll do what you love to do without even getting paid. Many of your hobbies and special interests will fall into this category.

MMF, the editor of the online newsletter Early to Rise, says, “If you feel like you should be doing something, do it… even if you can’t make a living from it.” (Message #1008)

Maybe you love to collect antiques or restore classic automobiles or play sports or read or write or invest. My wife and I love to look at homes. It’s fun for us. Whatever it is that you love to do, that is the thing that will lead you to the one business that fits you perfectly.

Next, ask yourself: What things in life frustrate or anger me?

These are those things that really get you hot. Maybe they’re pet peeves; maybe they’re deep-seated frustrations that time has exacerbated. Do you hate wasting time in check-out lines? Do dirty public restrooms upset you? Are you angered by poor customer service?

News flash: You’re not the only one who feels like this. Figure out how to solve these problems (or any others you’re passionate about) and you’ll be well on your way to starting a very successful business.

Ultimately, the message here is this: You have an extremely low probability of success if you start a business merely for its income potential; you have an extremely high probability of success if you start a business because you’re passionate about it. So choose a business that you’re passionate about! It is vital to your success.

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