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May 7, 2017


Construction Contracts


Construction contracts, or contractor’s agreements as they are also called, are two different ways of referring to the exact same type of document. Our construction contract is a written agreement that is binding between a real estate owner and a contractor or subcontractor whom the owner has hired to do some type of real estate improvement or construction.

Our construction agreement lays out all of the core terms that are necessary to a good construction contract. The contract that we will provide you with will be a legally binding contract between you and your construction contractor, and can be used for any type of construction project.

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Our construction contract will contain the parties that will be involved, the services that will be provided, the amount and terms of payment, the time, insurance requirements, and various other clauses that are significant and need to be covered. More importantly however, you will provide the particulars and we will insert them so that the construction contract will conform to your situation. You tell us the names, the dates, the costs, and late penalties– basically everything that makes the agreement specific to yours needs either as a real estate owner or as a contractor.

Whether you are hiring a contractor for a large job like building a garage onto your home, or for a quick job such as painting the exterior of small building that you own, our construction contracts can be used to put it in writing.

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