Daycare Liability Templates

December 21, 2016


Daycare Liability Templates


Childcare Liability (insurance)

Childcare centers are usually loving and fun filled places where children play and spend the day after being dropped off by a parent. But operators need to understand that there are state statutes that regulate childcare centers.

While young children such as toddlers need loving care and are placed in homes or childcare centers where they are closely watched, even the best insurance policy liability doesn’t always cover an accident, if something goes wrong.




Guardians are supposed to supervise the kids and make sure that they don’t’ get hurt, and are not inflicted with harm in the form of dangerous toys, games, objects or other children. Childcare liability is an important issue, and the care center that doesn’t have a signed release from the parents covering these issues is asking for their attorney to present them with a lawsuit on some day in the not too distant future.

There are many forms of injury for which the childcare center has liability and should be aware. Child abuse, even abuse from another child is one possibility. Some parents are suspicious and children sometimes tell lies, getting innocent care providers blamed when they are not at fault. Liability for medical coverage in case of an injury should be obtained before doing business.

Even property damage should be covered. A woman parked her car a day care center one day and went in to get her child, only to return and find a tree had fallen on it. Had she and her child been in the vehicle when the tree fell, personal injury insurance for the liability would have also been necessary. So don’t wait until after an accident to get personal injury on your policy.

State regulations require liability insurance for childcare and daycare centers that run businesses looking after children while their parents are working through the day to earn an income and support the family. Those parents can’t afford expensive care and don’t pay very much. That’s why the day person offering childcare has to find a liability policy that is affordable and provides the kind of liability that is needed.

Being licensed by the state does not automatically make a person insured, but it does make them responsible. Being licensed by the state to provide childcare puts the operator under obligation to provide quality care and to back that care up with a policy that provides care in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

Gone are the days when we could baby sit and get by without liability coverage. When children get sick, it’s sometimes the fault of the people watching them. Sometimes a child is a victim of another child when a fight is started with no reason. Children don’t need reasons to hurt other children, and the person who is liable for not watching them will have to explain why they weren’t doing a good job.






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