Department of Transportation Document Examples

February 28, 2017


Department of Transportation Documents


The helmet you select must pass the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, fits snugly and has no obvious defects like cracks or loose padding. A face shield and goggles are not required by state regulations but are recommended to protect your eyes and face from pebbles that might fly up from the road or roadside. It is best to wear clothing that completely covers your arms and legs to protect them from heat, cold, debris and the hot parts of the motorcycle.

These items should be snug so that they don’t flap in the wind, but loose enough to be comfortable. Boots are very important, with hard, slip-resistant soles to enable you to shift gears easily. Laces should be tucked into the boots so they cannot get caught on any part of the motorcycle.

In cold or wet weather, your clothing should keep you warm and dry as well as protect you from injury. Riding for long periods in cold weather can cause you to become chilled or fatigued. The proper clothes will help protect you from the elements.

To be road-worthy: your motorcycle tires must have sufficient tread, your headlight, taillight and turn signals work, your front and rear brakes respond when depressed and your horn sounds. You also need to rear-view mirrors. Your motorcycle fits you when you can touch the ground with both of your feet while seated.

To be a safe driver on California roadways, be sure you allow plenty of room between yourself and other vehicles, ride in the center of a lane so that other vehicles see you, let other drivers know of your intentions, using turn signals whenever you are turning or changing lanes.






Common sense and patience on the roadway are two things that will help keep you safe as you travel through the beautiful state of California.





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