Free Tenancy Agreements

October 4, 2017


Free Tenancy Agreements


Welcome to which is your one stop free tenancy resource for both landlords and tenants. On this website you will find a wealth of information related to landlord and tenant issues as well as free tenancy agreements for download completely free of charge. The tenancy agreements on this site have been prepared by a specialist property lawyer and take into account all recent changes to the law. Our tenancy agreements are drafted to take into account the rules that relate to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and are reviewed and amended as and when the law in this area changes in order to give you complete piece of mind and satisfaction.

We are able to provide our tenancy agreements free due to the kind donations that we receive from our visitors. Making a donation is in no means a requirement to downloading your free tenancy agreement but this site does rely on donations to keep it going. Tenancy agreements are widely available on the net but most sites will charge you at least 10 and many of the free downloads available are very out of date.

We don’t just offer free tenancy agreements for download. We have a whole variety of free documents available for download. Our aim is to make sure that all of the documents that a landlord will require when letting a property are available from this website free of charge. Of course as we point out above we do welcome your donations as providing the tenancy agreements does cost us money and if we did not recieve donations for the free documents we would no longer be able to run this free service.

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About Our Free Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements

Our free tenancy agreements are designed to cover the key types of tenancy agreements. For more info generally on the different types of tenancy agreement see our tenancy agreement information section. An AST agreement i.e. assured shorthold tenancy agreement was drafted to mainly contain clauses related to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme compliant. These TDSs were made compulsory from the 6th of April 2007.

The AST under consideration here is used and designed for tenancies and residential lettings which come under the ASTs of the Housing Act 1988(HA 1988). The tenancies for which this type of AST is not suitable are:-

When a property is not a separate property but is a part of a building and the tenant shares this property with the resident landlord. This occurs mainly when houses are converted into flats as in this case the landlord doesn’t remain a resident landlord. This happens because the landlord doesn’t have a flat built in the same block as that of the tenant.

What does this policy mean?

The Housing Act 1996 clearly states that any tenancy which has been created on or after the 28th of February 1997 is a certified AST. It may not qualify to be an AST if a tenant has been served a notice by the landlord telling that the tenancy will not be considered as an AST. A tenancy is called an assured tenancy if a notice has been served. The requirements for ASTs listen by the HA 1988 are:

The tenant must be an individual and the property which is occupied should be the tenant’s principal or only home.

In the case of a tenancy which has not specified a fixed term see note, Periodic tenancy – no fixed term.

The Department for Communities and Local Government also has a list of Assured Tenancy Forms on its website.






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