Landlord laws Templates

May 28, 2017


Landlord laws Templates ( Samples )


There are many other laws in Colorado regarding the termination of an apartment lease. For instance, under Colorado Statute 38-12-104, if the tenant discovers a leaking gas pipe and the leak is certified as the result of an inspection by a licensed plumber, and the tenant then notifies the leasor in writing, the leasor then has seventy-two hours to have a professional make a repair (not counting Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday). If the leak is not repaired within this period of time, the tenant may move out with no notice, and the lease is null and void.

Here’s another example of rights where an apartment renter has a right to receive three times their security deposit. According to Colorado Statute 38-12-103, Return of Security Deposit, if a landlord fails to return the deposit within one month of the latter of lease termination or surrender of the premises, except by furnishing the former renter a written description of why the deposit was lawfully retained (repair of damage to property, unpaid utilities, etc.), the landlord may be taken to court for “treble” (that’s 3 times) the amount of deposit that was unlawfully retained! The apartment lease agreement may specify a period longer than one month, but it is not to exceed 60 days. This is indeed sweet news for the apartment renter in Colorado.

After reading this, someone might think that Colorado laws protect a tenant where leases do not. However, this is not really the case. Landlords there have wide impunity when it comes to liability. A roof could crash in and kill the renter because the landlord had neglected to make repairs that he knew were needed. Unless the renter had informed the landlord of the unsafe structure, the landlord is protected by the law from civil action. But how would a renter know the structure was damaged or the construction was substandard?

There are many laws regarding termination rights that include military service changes, 72 hour cooling off periods, and change of ownership. But these are only a few of the many different circumstances, so don’t stop looking until you are sure about your rights regarding apartment lease termination.

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