Leave Planner Tips and Template

November 20, 2016


Leave Planner Tips and Templates


Every organization award different annual leaves to employees for rest, relaxation, personal activities and sudden emergencies. Employee has right to enjoy annual leaves and it is the responsibility of business owner to manage the leaves of your employees. It is your responsibility to plan leaves for your employees so that only one employee goes on vacation at a time. It is your responsibility to keep your employees happy because your employees are very important for the progress of your business. The purpose of leaves on annual basis will help your employees to get rid of all tensions to have a fresh start for new projects. You can use leave planner to plan leaves for your employees so that you can manage vacations of your employees. Some employees have self-management ability to manage their annual leaves. Here is a good Annual Leave Planner Template that can help you keep track of your leaves and public holidays together,

Following are some effective ways to use leave planner to manage the leaves of your employees:

In first step, how many employees can enjoy vacation at one time and this decision will be based on the size of your company for example if you have small organization then you have to limit the number of employees for vacations at one time. Owner of larger organizations can send more people for leaves at one time according to their policy.

Decide about the days when employees can go to vacation because every industry has its own rules and regulations regarding leaves. For example, if you are running a retail store then your vacation strategy will be different from other industries.

You have to maintain the schedule to keep the track of vacation time of your employees. Use leave planner that usually features a table containing name of the weeks and dates (calendar). It will help you to make schedule of vacations according to the convenience of all employees.

Your leave planner should be flexible enough so that you can easily handle bad situations delicately. Sometimes employee requires vacations on urgent basis due to some emergency so you should have enough space in your schedule to entertain those employees to keep the happy and motivated.







Do not forget to write the name of replacement persons to manage your work smoothly. It is necessary to figure out who will handle the responsibilities of absent employee otherwise the burden of work can disturb your business and employee also.

Leave planner will help you to do everything smoothly so do not forget to design a leave planner considering the needs of your all employees and your organizations.

It is necessary to accommodate your employees in order to keep them devoted with you and your organizations. You can use leave planner software to make everything more easy and perfect according to your requirements.


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