Legal Notice Templates

January 13, 2017


Legal Notice Templates


While the poor family who is forced to terminate their occupancy is looking for new housing,
workers come in to clean up the filth and repair the damage. Broken doors, busted windows, holes
in the walls and damaged counter tops are all the signature of an irresponsible family who cares
not for their own property, much less for the property of someone else. They probably started
breaking things on the day they moved in.


The fights and anger displayed by the husband or  rarely the wife who commits husband abuse result in destructive behavior that is evidence by  anyone entering the house, including the social worker who is called to examine the living  circumstances on behalf of the children.

These workers will have their own form to complete, making notes of what they witness in the
home. They will try, if possible, to encourage utilization of community resources to perhaps get
treatment for the alcoholic or drug user. Where this is not an issue, the worker might suggest
resources that will help the adults either find employment or get one time assistance to pay the
rent. Such assistance is sometimes available from community organizations that are sponsored by
non-profit charities such as the United Way. But all too often these resources are directed more
to those who don’t need it, and less those who need it more and are sometimes left with no help.

God help them all who end up receiving a 30 day notice form to vacate the premises. It means
things have come to a head, and there will be animosity by the owner of the house. Their chances
of finding new housing with a rental history that includes eviction will be very poor.









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