Liability Form Templates

January 3, 2017


Liability Form Templates


We put our most prized possession in the care of another when we drop a child off at a center to be watched and fed through the day. We don’t expect the persons who are taking care of them to love them, but we do expect them to be liable for providing the highest degree of safety that is possible.



Whether they are at the childcare center playing in the yard with other children coloring their coloring books or eating their lunch, there are so many things that could go wrong and end up sending a child to the hospital or requiring a trip to the doctor’s office.

When doctors receive a child as a patient from a childcare center, they have to examine for abuse or neglect. It may not be the business owner’s fault, but without proper coverage not only will they be blamed, but they also will be held accountable for things they might not have even done.

Without liability protection, they could lose their business or the family savings if they have not been smart enough to take out a policy in the event of misfortune with one of the children. Assets need to be protected, as do reputations when it comes angry parents who are ready to blame a childcare center for a mishap or accident involving their loved one.

Lawyers can help them protect their assets by discussing the various pitfalls and traps that can occur when operating a center where children are watched.

Childcare insurance is a wise investment, guarding against unwanted litigation that can cripple finances and destroy a business. Be sure to find out what exclusions are covered on a policy. Most liability policies have them and the person offering child care needs to know where they are and where they aren’t protected.







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