Martial Arts Instructor School Pamphlet

May 9, 2017


Martial Arts Instructor School Pamphlet


Martial arts, is typically referred as fighting arts. Martial arts all have same objectives like to defeat physically other person or protect oneself or others from physical threat. The word martial arts refer to the art of warfare and come from a 15-th century. Martial arts vary widely and may focus on a specific area or combination of areas.

They can be generally grouped into focusing on strikes, grappling or weapons training. A list of examples that make wide use of one of these areas is shown below; it is not a comprehensive list of all arts covering the area, nor is these necessarily the only areas covered by the art but are the best known parts as examples of the area:


Punching: boxing, wing chun, Jeet Kune Do
Kicking: Capoeira, Savate, Teawondo
Throwing: Glima, Jujustu, Sambo, Judo
Joint lock/Submission holds: Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Hapkido, Judo, Chin Na
Pinning Techniques: Wrestling, Judo, Shuai Jiao
Traditional Weaponry: Eskrima, Fencing, Gatka, Kendo
Modern Weaponry: Jukendo


Different martial arts schools are providing martial arts training sessions to people. Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet will best describe your institute if it is offering its services in this regard. Through this Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet, you can show name of your own school, time, services and any especial text about your school. All essential information can be easily described by using this Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet.

This Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet is designed in MS Word 2007 to provide you better assistance. You can change its text, pictures and color settings as per your requirements. This Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet is easy to modify and ready to use template that will let you start your work without any obstruction.


Martial-Arts-Instructor-Schools-Half Fold Brochure-template-doc



If you are thinking to download this Martial Arts Instructor & School Pamphlet don’t think more as it is free to download template. To save this template in your pc, click on download button shown below. We hope it will provide you better assistance to start your work. Download it and give a starting point to your work!



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