Please forgive me Letter Templates

June 23, 2017


Please forgive me Letter Templates


Discover simple ways to say “Please forgive me I’m sorry!” or “I am sorry that I hurt you!” “It was my fault and you got in trouble!” “I confess that it was my mistake and I am sorry blaming it on me!”

There are several ways to confess the mistake. If your act hurt someone, due to your wrong behavior someone got pain or hurt, due to your mistake someone has faced financial loss, it is your responsibility to say sorry and to blame it on your should. It is good to apologize rather than argument.


Saying “Please forgive me I’m sorry” is the best way to stop quarrel and to rebuild broken relationship.

There are several situations come in everyone’s life when a person says “Please forgive me I’m sorry” to the other person who is his near and dear ones or who is in corporate contact with the person.

It is important to write sorry letter or apology letter to near and dear ones if you are unable to attend the family function, or unable to reach in time, or going on business tour and unable to give your time for your family, if your near and dear one got hurt due to the misbehavior, and so on. Verbal apology or saying “Please forgive me I’m sorry” is good but if you write an apology letter, explain the situation, promise not to committee such offense again in the future, try to rectify the same, and ready to meet the person to say sorry face to face, will have long lasting effect.

There are several reasons behind writing, “Please forgive me I’m sorry”. Due to late payment, faulty product, damaged product, defective product, bad services, not able to attend meeting, unable to reach at the meeting in time, unable to attend the seminar, missing deadlines, hurting feelings, shipping delay, poor service, offensive behavior, and so on. To say ‘Please forgive me I’m sorry’ at right time is important.

Here are some important tips those will help you to write the apology letter that will have long lasting impact on the receiver by writing sincere feelings from bottom of your heart.

Do not blame back or others for the mistake. You can state the reasons for such wrong act or mistake. Take the responsibility on your shoulder.

Apology mean saying “Please forgive me I’m sorry”. It is good by stating that you are apologizing. State why you are apologizing! Be specific while writing letter. Try to put yourself in the place of the receiver. Write what you feel from bottom of your heart. Express your feelings in such a way that you are ready to shoulder the mistake and ready to rectify for the things that happened. On reading your apology letter, the receiver should understand that you are feeling ashamed and you are writing letter from bottom of your heart.

You are ready to rebuild the broken relations and ready to maintain good relations forever. Writing “Please forgive me I’m sorry” plays very vital role in maintaining long lasting good relations.








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