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June 5, 2017


6 New Printable Police Report Templates


In case of any criminal or unlawful goings-on, it is the duty of every responsible citizen to get in touch with the authorities in due time, and contact the police, informing them of all the suspicious and odd happenings. The police have to prepare a primary investigation report, also usually known as the police report. This police report serves as the basis for any type of case and investigation.


The main objective of a police report is that it records the entire case history in a very formal way, and it is legally accepted by law. Any ordinary report might be subjected to suspicion in a court of law, but a police report provides the required details I the best possible way.

A police report also keeps a record of the suspected persons, and their backgrounds, and all the consecutive investigation steps. The police report is generally created according to the case at hand. It might be a brief, summarized police report, or it may list all the facts with minute details. In any case, a police report has to have each and every piece of available information related to the case.

A police report must be compiled in its perfect format and style, acceptable by law. The format of a police report may differ from one place to another, according to the local laws and regulations, but the basic format remains the same.

Here you can see our police report template, which is very easy to use and convenient for everyone. This is a very basic type of template, and anyone can use it for his/her requirements, either if it is for a genuine police report, or simply for some personal or educational use.

It is designed by our expert designers using Ms. Word, making it a very simple task to edit and customize the template to suit it according to your specific needs and requirements.

Here is the preview of this







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