Prenuptial Agreement Tips and Information

July 10, 2017


Prenuptial Agreement Tips and Information


Main intention of this article is to bring in a few tips that could help you out with your prenuptial agreement. The tips layed down here are extracted from an article from the Forbes magazine, out in October 14, 1996. Its a know fact that very issue can never be covered by one article, alone, however we have tried the good to include everything as possible. Good that you consult your prenup attorney and ask the questions you got additionally after reading this article. If you got any comments or suggestions on things we discussed here, much appreciated.

Never a last minute agreement

You got three days down your wedding and up to sign a prenuptial agreement, that could be a disaster. ”If it’s not signed 30 days in advance, they’re taking their chances,” warns West Palm Beach lawyer Joel Weissman. Take time to get the agreement done and be sure that you get to every minutest detail and sign it at least 30 days prior to wedding.

No coercion

Always ensure that there is never a trace of compulsion, and sort of pressures or duress. The best way to get a perfect agreement done is with a prenup attorney. We could help you with a few referrals, if that is required.

Full disclosure? Or no disclosure?

Prenuptial agreements, most of them comes with financial disclosure statements, pointing out the revenue, debts and assets of both individuals. A few cases a wealthier spouse prefer to hide considerable assets and show in a comparatively smaller picture. That’s never should be done, if in any case, your spouse is able to prove you were hiding assets, you are sure to be in trouble. So never lie about such.


Okay be geared up to take in a few, of course that is common. Surprises can be pleasant and sometimes not. Now the few that falls be the pleasant ones are like an individual who insisted his spouse to sign up a prenup agreement, discovered that, after all, she was rich. “She was worth about four times what he was,” chuckles New York divorce attorney Stuart Gartner.


Never be giving your spouse the idea that your assets are of more in value than your partner’s. “The more stringent and self-protective the agreement, the more likely the marriage is going to blow up in their faces,” warns Beverly Hills lawyer Alexander Leichtner.

Don’t be mean

Never be mean to add something that is ruthless, some thing like the provision what Stan Lotwin saw, a $1000 penalty for every pout the wife is to attain. No court is never to enforce such ruthless agreement, in fact you can get the other parts of the agreement unaccepted by the court.

Don’t mix assets

Don’t be foolish to mix your assets. What we mean here is your premarital and post marital assets. This because you might not be able to prove what it was yours before marriage and what after marriage, you might end up losing it.



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