Printable Living Trust Templates and Samples

February 13, 2018


Printable Living Trust Templates and Samples


There is only one way to qualify for unconditional, 100 percent protection from long-term care costs: provide Long Term Care Insurance! Long-term care insurance is expensive and it is not the answer most seniors want to hear. However, it is the honest answer. And somehow we believe that is why you came to this website: to learn the truth regardless of how unpleasant that truth might be.

Too often people become discouraged and give up on long-term care insurance after hearing the first insurance company quote. However, there are some reasonable buys out there for the person that will spend a bit of time shopping around.

Remember, too, that the younger your age when you purchase, the less the premiums will be. Every day you delay, the cost inches higher.

Our most popular question

“How can I avoid nursing home costs?” That is easily the most frequent question heard here at the Center for the Avoidance of Probate and if I had the answer I could easily be the world’s next billionaire. But though it has been necessary to pass on to you some unpleasant news, I would also like to pass on some advice and a personal philosophy that you can take or leave as you choose:

1. Don’t waste the days of your life searching for giant beanstalk seeds that don’t exist.

2. Enjoy to the fullest each hour, day and year of good health you have been given.

3. Put away family animosity. Love, honor and enjoy that partner who chose to make this journey through life at your side. Your spouse is not perfect, but then neither are you.

4. Realize that retirement kills more people than does cigarettes. Exercise both body and mind. Work hard to stay healthy. Develop interests and responsibilities that will make you valuable and of interest to others. Eat a balanced diet; Read; keep up with the world around you. Think gentle, progressive and productive thoughts.

5. Purchase a Living Trust for all the right reasons: (a) avoidance of costly probate, (b) elimination or reduction of both your death taxes and your children’s capital gains taxes, and (c) easing the physical and financial suffering of your loved ones at your demise.

6. Provide the best long-term care insurance you can afford.

7. Never forget that Yogi had it right: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.



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