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June 26, 2017


Sample Business Marketing Plans Business Plans


Bill Gates, Ross Perot, and Warren Buffet make money while they sleep. In fact, they make money while they eat, read, drive, play, etc. And so do more people than you imagine. Why are they able to do that? Because they have discovered the not so secret, “secrets” of financial success. They have set up financial “systems” that continue to operate whether they are there personally or not. Their business marketing plans work.

Suppose you could set up a system, a business marketing plan, that would continue to deposit real money right into your checking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Would you be interested? What if you could set up 2 or 3 financial systems that would keep multiple streams of income flowing into your account even while you were on vacation in Tahiti? What would you be willing to do to get those streams of income flowing?

It is not only possible, it is very achievable.

Let me use a tasty illustration, the gumball. You see these little machines everywhere you go. They are sitting quietly in restaurants, malls, barber shops, gas stations, doctors offices, you name it. Let’s say that the average gumball machine earns about $2 a day and you have 50 locations throughout the city. (These figures are only for illustration purposes so don’t go out and buy a bunch of gumball machines.) With 50 machines you earn $100 a day rain or shine. Whether you are awake or asleep they just keep earning and you check and restock them every 2 weeks.

Business Plans

This amounts to about $3,000 per month or $36,500 per year. Let’s say that you are ambitious (which you are or you would not be reading this) and you want to branch out to another suburb with 50 more machines. With good locations and plenty of traffic you could virtually double your income overnight to $73,000 per year. You could add another 50 machines and triple your income to $109,500 annually. You see how it works. While you are watching Martha Stewart or Monday Night Football people are buying your delicious gumballs. Now you know why you see so many gumball machines.

The only thing that would be better would be if you could just push a button and download your money electronically into your account and push another button and deliver your gumballs digitally. Or, even better still, if you didn’t even have to use the button. Everything was designed from the beginning to work automatically.

That is exactly what we are talking about. You can set up a financial system that will reward your initial investment of work, energy, and creativity, with an ongoing stream of income. Authors, artists, and musicians get royalties for life. Inventors reap continuous harvests for their initial work. Publishers and licensers earn income from what others have created. What about the person who drills an oil well. It just keeps on pumping day in and day out. I grew up in West Texas and those wells were a constant symbol of prosperity and the American dream.

This article is not about gumballs, as much as I like them.

If you are interested in creating a financial system that will continue to funnel income into your account for years to come keep reading.

The internet has created people traffic 24 hours a day. The sun never sets on the net. It is one huge electronic mall that never closes and never sleeps. They don’t call it the “world wide web” for nothing.

Unfortunately for most people, they do not understand the way the internet works or the way search engines work and so they do not know how to attract traffic and create income. They are unable to harness the power of this new technology , this new income creating tool for themselves or their business. So, they become consumers instead of income reservoirs.

A few internet success have not only learned the secrets of producing wealth on the web, but have also shared those principles with others for a win / win scenario. Here at Business Marketing Plans, we are dedicated to discovering and sharing these insights with people who are truly motivated to put them to use in a responsible way. If you are responsible and motivated enough you can duplicate your income through the internet and eventually even be able to make money while you sleep.

You need to know some things about yourself. What are your natural gifts and abilities? what is your personality type? What is educational background? What is your vocational background? What are your areas of real expertise? What are your hobbies? What are you passionately interested in? Believe it or not, one of these areas could provide the foundation you need for internet riches. In other words, you probably already have the foundation you need. Imagine making continuous income from a hobby that you love. People do it all the time.

Work with me as you would with a friend or counselor and explore some of the locations we recommend. It is our policy to only recommend the best, so if you should receive poor or unprofessional service, please let us know immediately.

One excellent example of someone who has learned to harness the technology of the internet to make a profit it Ken Evoy. Trained as a Medical Doctor, his keen mind has dissected the internet and designed a method to help any business or any motivated individual to truly profit online.



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