Sample Bylaws and Templates

December 7, 2016


Sample Bylaws and Templates


Repair of the units is the responsibilities of the owners and co-owners, but units may be leased provided the owners first consult with management and get approval by submitting a notice in writing. Lessees should be aware that there are self-governing laws of the association, that the condominium units are only for residential use, and that there are occupancy restrictions. For instance, the display of signs is strictly prohibited, as is the display of personal property on porch, balcony or common areas.

Garage sales are allowed, but only with written permission. The appearance of units shall be uniform, with interior coverings over windows. Guest occupants of the units are also required to keep themselves in observance of regulations, including not making excessive noise so that all occupants may enjoy peace and quite use.


The managing agent shall have the right to inspect units for illegal activities or violations of property rules. Orders to cease and desist, given after a warning, should not go unheeded. Legal expenses for annual fees, as well as those assessed for violations, shall be borne by the unit owner. Fees for collections shall be added to the annual fee. Membership of lessees is mandatory, and they may take disputes before the board at the annual meeting.

It will be the duty of the directors and officers to perform functions of the association at the annual meetings, and the operation of the corporation is outlined in the condominium by-laws. Officers may delegate responsibilities until they chose to resign, whereupon they will be replaced as soon as possible.

They may elect committees to perform regular or special functions, such as raising the annual budget, determining the feasibility of building construction, or for expanding a parking lot. Their powers are basically enumerated and explained in the condominium by-laws. Notices of meetings shall be posted in the principal office. Sale of units may be initiated persons holding power of attorney, and such sale shall be posted as the business office.

Bylaws and Templates






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