Sample Loan Agreements

May 4, 2017


Sample Loan Agreements


Getting Help From A Sample Loan Agreement

A sample loan agreement generally mirrors a promissory note barring the fact that it carries a more detailed account of the terms and conditions between the parties to the agreement. More often than not, a sample loan agreement is drafted for the convenience and reference of the parties involved without the guidance of a legal professional. Most people use this method to gain better understanding of the contents of this agreement and also ensure that the structure and wordings used in the loan agreement conform to legal standards. This way, the users have the ability to create a tenable document that is either executed directly or in consultation with a competent lawyer.


As in the case of a promissory note, the sample loan agreement contains full description of the parties involved, the value of the agreement, interest charged, monthly payment agreed upon, the date from which the agreement comes into effect and other related details. The mode of making monthly payment, late fee charged by the lender if any can also be described in the agreement. Detailing the treatment for potential defaults would be helpful to both parties because in the event of a situation calling for measures to collect the loan, the legal process becomes easier with specific clauses on default figuring in the agreement.

In some situations, the borrower may want to pay off the loan earlier than stipulated in the agreement. Therefore, it is desirable to have details of pre payment terms enumerated in the agreement to afford ample clarity to both parties. Similarly, the loan agreement may need to be modified in some circumstances. By incorporating appropriate clauses in the original agreement, the modification process becomes easier when the situation demands it.

When the loan agreement is appropriately executed it should also stipulate the relevant jurisdiction. The parties to the agreement should carefully explore the state laws governing the agreement and ensure that the agreement drawn up between them complies with all the provisions. The sample loan agreement can be modified to address this requirement when necessary.

The internet has impacted our day to day lives significantly and focused help is available with just a few clicks on a wide range of subjects. Nevertheless, most people engaging in financial transactions with relatives or close friends often find it embarrassing to ask for written documentation for the transaction. One look at the relevant statistics and you can easily appreciate that majority of loan defaults occur in the absence of appropriate documentation. When you have the ability to lend money, the borrower is obliged to provide you an appropriate documentation to safeguard your interests and at the same acknowledge your good offices in extending the loan at a time when he needs it most. A sample loan agreement goes a long way in achieving this objective.

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