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June 12, 2017


Printable New Student Report Templates

Student reports are a very helpful means for the parents to get in touch with the teachers. Student reports are prepared by the teachers and other school staff members like counselors who are assigned with the task of evaluating each student’s character as well as behavior, and are expected to notify the parents and the relevant class teachers of any type of extraordinary or unusual conduct.

These students’ reports may be on a monthly or bi-monthly level, to make sure that the parents are kept up to date on the important progress of their child.


Free Student Report Template


Student reports may be issued on a periodic basis. Usually the boarding schools take more steps to keep the parents posted on the regular progress of the students. It may be through monthly or periodic parent teacher meeting or sometimes formal student reports. This way, the parents can more effectively handle the children and come to know of their interests and recent activities.

A student report includes all the necessary information that ought to be informed to the parents. It includes the student’s performance in class, his behavior and interest in other school activities, the student’s behavior with the class fellows, and also the student’s discipline and punctuality issues. Teacher’s remarks and grading may be mentioned in some cases, but it is more common on the termly progress report cards.

Here, you can see our professionally designed student report template that is attached below. You can click on the preview link accompanied by the template and take a look at the screen shot of the student report template, to get an idea of the template, and also see the features included in it. The download link is given below, and you can simply click on the link to save a copy of the template on to your hard disk.

Just modify it to suit to your specific requirements, and you are ready to use your own attractive student report to discuss the progress of your students. This student report template contains all the basic features and contents that need to be included in a normal progress report.

Here is the preview of this Free Student Report Template:









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